Sunday, 26 January 2014

Dad 'n' Daughter Conversation Starters

Even if you have a great father-daughter relationship, you might learn something about each other by talking through a list of questions. Relax, its not a test … Have fun with it!

1)    What is your favourite colour?

2)    What is your favourite food?

3)    Who is your favourite musician/band?

4)    What is/was your favourite school subject?

5)    Dad ask Daughter: What are you learning about in school this term?
Daughter ask Dad: What is your job title? What do you do in a typical day?

6)    Dad ask Daughter: Who are five of your closest friends?
Daughter ask Dad: Who do you go to for wisdom or advice?

7)    What was your most embarrassing moment? What did you learn from it?  
8)    What do/did you want to be when you grow up?

9)    If you could have “3 wishes”, what would they be?

10) What is your favourite quote, saying or bible verse?

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