Sunday, 26 January 2014

Dad 'n' Daughter Date Ideas

There are so many activities that fathers and daughters can do together. Here is a list of date ideas to get your planning started.

·      Buy some plain t-shirts and decorate them together
·      Make your own pizza or a special meal together (shop for the ingredients together as part of your date)
·      Dinner and live theatre, concert or a hockey game
·      Pretend its summer and go swimming at an indoor pool and take pictures in your swim-suits with the snowy background.
·      Go skating or skiing and grab hot chocolate somewhere where you can chat – try something different and skate on a trail through the woods at Arrowhead Provincial Park
·      Paint your own pottery together at Creative CafĂ©
·      Play laser-tag and arcade games together
·      Go bowling – winner picks a restaurant for dinner
·      Decide on a budget ahead of time and then visit the mall to pick out a new shirt for each of you
·      Play a board game or put together a 1000 piece puzzle
·      Volunteer at a soup kitchen or shovel an elderly neighbour’s driveway together
·      Go ice fishing
·      Repaint a room in your house together
·      Learn a new skill together (photography or cooking class)
·      Go rock-wall climbing
·      Visit Niagara Falls – use the drive to enjoy great conversation or music

For even more ideas visit 100 Daddy-Daughter Date Ideas.

Remember to snap a picture of your date and post it on Barrie Pregnancy Resource Centre’s Contest Facebook Page.

And join with the Barrie Pregnancy Resource Centre in caring for women, teens and babies in very difficult situations - Donate to our valuable work as part of your date time together.

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